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(Selected Credits)

Havoc - Stunt Coordinator & 2nd Unit Action Director

Farang - Action Designer & 2nd Unit Director

Ip Man 4 - UK Stunt Coordinator

A Private War - Stunt Coordinator

Farming - Stunt Coordinator

Teen Spirit - Stunt Coordinator

Viking Destiny - Action Director

Apostle - Fight Coordinator

The Titan - Action Unit Director & Stunt Coordinator

Transformers: The Last Knight - Stunt Performer

Final Score - Assistant Stunt Coordinator

Badshah the Don - Action Director UK

The Hermit  - Stunt Coordinator

Sand Castle - Stunt Coordinator

Wonder Woman (Action Unit Previs)   - Stunt Performer                        

Free Fire  - Stunt Double Sam Riley & Cillian Murphy              

Aashiqui: True Love - Action Director                                  

The Autopsy of Jane Doe  -  Stunt Coordinator                                

Firstborn  -  Stunt Wire Rigger                               

Alleycats  -  Stunt Coordinator  


The Habit of Beauty  - Stunt Coordinator                               

Let's Be Evil  - Stunt Coordinator                                          

Spaceship  -  Stunt Coordinator                                         

Welcome to Karachi  -  Action Director                                              

Romeo Vs Juliet রোমিও বনাম জুলিয়েট   - Action Director UK                                            

North vs South Long Time Coming  - Stunt Performer/Fire Stunt Safety                                                      

Phantom  - Stunt Double Saif Ali Khan                           

Dark Signal  - Fire Stunt Coordinator                                                                             

The Brothers Grimsby   - Stunts/Fight Trainer Mark Strong

Star Wars Episode VII  - Stunt Performer   


Dracula Untold  -  Stunt Rigger                                       

Don't Hang Up  -  Stunt Double                                     

We Still Kill the Old Way  - Stunt Coordinator                             

Hercules  -  MoCap Performer                              

World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen  -  Stunt Coordinator                             

Rise of the Footsoldier 2: -  Stunt Coordinator                              

Kingsman: The Secret Service   -  Stunt Performer     

Medina  -  Stunt Coordinator                    

Top Dog - Stunt Double       

Godzilla  -  MoCap Performer  


The Guvnors - Stunt Coordinator

Honeytrap - Stunt Coordinator
Chicken  - Fight Coordinator
The Turtle & The Sea - Fight Coordinator
Monsters 2: Dark Continent  - Stunt Coordinator
He Who Dares - Action Director
Abducted  - Stunt Coordinator  Green Screen Shoot
Wayland's Song  - Stunt Coordinator
Suspension of Disbelief  - Stunt Coordinator
Everyone's Going to Die  - Stunt Coordinator

Total Recall  - Stunt Coordinator (MoCapture Reshoot)
Strippers vs Werewolves - Stunt Coordinator
Airborne - Wire Stunt Coordinator
The Reverend  - Stunt Coordinator
Demons Never Die - Stunt Coordinator
7 Lives - Stunt Coordinator
Pirates of the Caribbean 4  - MoCap Performer
Ill Manors  - Stunt Coordinator Fire Sequence
Jack Falls  - Stunt Coordinator
Third Star  - Stunt Coordinator

Jack Said  - Fight Coordinator
Shifty  - Stunt Coordinator
New Town Killers  - Stunt Double/Rigger
Ten Dead Men  - Action Director
Sangre de Mayo  - Stunt Performer
Blood: the last vampire 血戰新世紀  - Stunt Performer
Beyond the Rave  - Stunt Performer
28 Weeks Later  - Infected
Los Borgia  - Stunt Performer
Da Vinci Code Stunt Performer

Ultraviolet   - Hemophage(stunts)
Star Runner 少年阿虎  - Jackson (kickboxer)
The Medallion 飛龍再生  - Knight #4
So Close 夕陽天使 - Flashback Killer

Naked Weapon 赤祼特工 Stunts
Red Trousers 紅褲子 Bouncer/Stunt
Scaremonger 驚聲尖叫 Hung Jai
Bio Cops 生化特警喪屍任務 Zombie(stunt role)
Vampire Controller 趕屍先生  - Wong Ching
Gen Y Cops 特警新人類 2  - Cage Fighter

Purple Storm 紫雨風暴 ATF (stunt role)
Wesley's Mysterious File 衛斯理藍血人  - Stunt Performer
Fist Power 生死拳速 Bobby
A Man Called Hero 中華英雄  - Cowboy
Hot War 幻影特攻  - Stunt Performer
Away with Words 三條人 - Stunt Double
Blacksheep Affair 碧血蓝天  - Prisoner
Hitman 殺手之王  - Assassin
Knock Off 雷霆一擊  - Russian Mafia/Stunts
Downtown Torpedoes 神偷諜影 MI6 Agent


Gangs of London (SKY/HBO) - Stunt Coordinator & Action Design

Sliced Season 2 (Dave/UK TV) - Stunt Coordinator

Flying Tiger 飛虎 (Youku) - Stunt Coordinator

Fist Fight 兄弟 ( TVB) - Stunt Performer

When Bowie Met Bolan (SKY Arts) - Fight Arranger

Chinese Burn (BBC/Roughcut) - Fight Arranger

Lawful Killing  (BBC) -  Fight Arranger                             

Marriage of Reason & Squalor   (SKY Arts) - Fight Arranger   

By Any Means   (BBC)  - Fight Performer 

The Bachelor promo  (Channel 5)  - Stunt Coord/Dbl

I'm Spazticus  ( Zeitgeist/Channel 5)  - Stunt Rigger

Cleopatra  ( Arab Screen Cairo)  - Asst Stunt Coord  

Tribes of the East قبائل الشرق  (I See UAE Jordan)  - Action Director

Spirit Warriors  BBC (childrens) -  Action Choreographer

The Crooked House  (BBC/Tiger Aspect )  - Wire Coordinator

Cup of Blood فنجان الدم  (MNBC SyriaAsst )  - Stunt Coord 

Ideal  - Series 3 (BBC)   - Wire Rigging/double

Waterloo Road   (BBC)  - Stunts

Wong Fei Hung 我師傅係黃飛鴻   (TVB)  Opium Trader

ICAC Investigators廉政行動2004   (TVB)  Passport Forger

Angels on Mission 無名天使3D   (TVB)  Terrorist Leader 

The W Files 衛斯理   (TVB) Bodyguard

Yan Chai Charity  (TVB)  Chuck Norris                    

Showbiz Tycoon 影城大亨  (ATV)   Bob Wall

Justice Sung  狀王宋世傑    (TVB) British Ambassador

Interpol 1997    國際刑警1997 (ATV) Arms Dealer



The Pregnant Ground - Stunt Coordinator

Dead Birds - Wire Coordinator

Home  - Stunt Coordinator

Balcony  - Stunt Coordinator

Fire  - Stunt Coordinator 

Japanese Samurai Sword  - Fight Coordinator           

Get Some - Stunt Coordinator 

Bad Day at The Office  - Stunt Coordinator/Double 

The Pugilist's Son  - Stunt Coordinator         

Big Tingz  - Stunt Coordinator

The Journey - Stunt Coordinator  

The Crossing  - Stunt Coordinator   

Somebody to Love  - Action Director  

Gone Fishing - Stunt Coordinator/Safety Diver   

Plastered  - Stunt Double    

Sleepless Nights  -  Fight Coordinator      


Bad Friend/Rina Sawayama - Fight Coordinator

Sick Thoughts/Lewis Blissett - Stunt Coordinator

Run with the Rhythm/Marmozets - Stunt Coordinator

Text from My Ex/Tinie Tempah - Stunt Coordinator

Killing Machine/Ivory ft.Shack  - Stunt Coordinator

Into the Glass / Laura Doggett - Stunt Coordinator    

Tear the Roof Up / Alesso  -  Stunt Coordinator   

Mon Cheri / AB O'neill -  Fight Coordinator 

I'm Sorry / CN Blue  - Stunt Actor    

For Yr Vulgar Delectation / Cradle of Filth  -  Stunt Coordinator    

Higher / The Overtones - Stunt Coordinator  

Sweet Nothing / Calvin Harris - Stunt Coordinator   

Us & Ourselves / Morning Parade -  Stunt Coordinator/Performer 

Charlie Brown / Coldplay  - Stunt Coordinator

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall / Coldplay  - Stunt Coordinator    

Time / Chase & Status  -  Stunt Coordinator      

Open Your Eyes / Alex Metric  -  Fight Coordinator  

Too Close / Alex Clare - Fight Coordinator/Performer      

Finish Line / Yasmin  -  Stunt Coordinator      

Thinking of Me / Olly Murs  -  Stunt Coordinator   

Watching Birds/Stornoway  - Fight Coordinator   

Up All Night Young Knives - Assistant Stunt & Wire Coordinator   

Last Request  / Paolo Nutini  - Paolo/Robber Stunt double 


Sun Bingo - Stunt Coordinator

Old Mutual Wealth (idents) - Stunt Coordinator

Pearl & Dean (cinema ad)  - Stunt Actor

Post Office  - Stunts

ASICS Rugby -  Stunt Coordinator

Victor Stone Insurance -  Stunt Coordinator

Heera Cashew  - Wire Coordinator

Lysol "The Battle"  -  Stunt Coord/Mocap Performer  

Capital One  -  Stunt Coordinator/Performer

Relentless (Prof. Green)  - Stunt Coordinator  

Chedds  - Stunt Coordinator

Drench  - Stunt Actor

Sainsburys "Active Kids"  - Stunt Coordinator 

Armadillo (motorbike wear)  - Stunt safety

Batchelors Soup "Fork & Spoon Fight" - Stunt Coordinator

Samaritans (test ad) - Safety Rigging Coordinator 

SKY Movies - Wire Rigging

Electoral Commission  -  Stunts Assistant & Wire Rigging

French Connection (FCUK) "Fashion Vs Style" - Stunts & Wire Assistant Coordinator

Visacard "Dining Out" (Ziyi Zhang)  -  "Hero Chef" Stunt double

Progress Energy (Tarsem)  -  Stunt double 

Playstation 2  -  Stunt double 

Sunday Mobile "Matrix"  -  Lead      

Fisherman's Friend  -  Lead 

The Bodyguard - The Musical Germany  -  Fight Director

Beautiful Thing  - Fight Director

The Bodyguard - The Musical Tour -  Fight Director 

Taboo  - Fight Director 



E4 "Royal Wedding" promo - Stunt Coordinator

Snickers "Unbox" (online) - Stunt Coordinator 

Kingsman/Vue Cinemas "Upgrade" (viral)  -  Stunt Coordinator 

Utopia "The Network is Watching" (online)  - Stunt Coordinator 

UK Power Networks "Speak Up" (safety film)  -  Stunt Coordinator

Farfetch "Dishoom" (fashion film)  - Stunt Coordinator

LG "Hidden Worlds" (online)  - Stunt Coordinator

UK Power Networks " Stay Safe" (safety film) - Stunt Coordinator

Xbox Kinect "Sports Rivals"  - Stunt Coord & Mocap Performer

Rainbow 6: Patriots (promo)  - Stunt Coord/Mocap Performer 

Playstation Move (online video)  -  Stunt Coordinator

Last Airbender (viral campaign)  -  Stunt Coordinator

Parkour Boy (viral)  - Stunt Coordinator

Dark Eden teaser  - Designer/rigger for 200ft High fall

Hong Kong Handover (live show)  -  Stunt Performer 

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